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The Federal Reserve just pledged asset purchases with no limit to support markets

The Fed announced an “endless” quantitative easing to support the economy. The markets soared up.

The press release includes a lot of incentives.
We’re giving you a short summary. In our opinion, there are only two most important points:

  1. Unlimited QE in relation to government bonds and mortgage securities agencies.
  2. Repurchase of corporate bonds and various measures of credit support to companies in the amount of $300 billion.
    The second point is very important, since it is corporate debts that are now in a severe stress and demonstrate a crushing collapse.
    The markets are trying to stabilize on this news.
    How long will it last? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Fed Official Warns of 30% Unemployment

The US government has reconsidered the forecast for the number of unemployed in the United States. This Thursday, an increase in the number of unemployed is expected to reach one million at a rate of 220 thousand per week over the past 3-5 years …
American businesses are closed nationwide. This could provoke a halving of GDP growth in the next three months and pull the dollar even higher.

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The dollar is falling due to Fed stimulus measures

  • The dollar fell on Tuesday: tough financing conditions eased somewhat after the US Federal Reserve did its best to provide much-needed dollar liquidity.

  • On Monday, the Fed announced unlimited quantitative easing and credit market support programs in a decisive attempt to support an economy struggling with extreme trade restrictions to fight coronavirus.

We can confidently say that we are out of the phase when all assets (stocks, bonds and gold) were sold. Now the situation resembles a controlled fall.

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Market Watch

The calm after the storm

The situation in the financial markets is stabilizing, but is seen as only a temporary phenomenon, since most countries still cannot control the spread of the virus. Currently, Europe and the United States are forced to keep the population at home, thereby putting added pressure on their own economies which results in an overall weakness in the global economy.
Currently, main topic is the intention of the US government to allocate about $ 2 trillion to save the economy. This stimulus package provides for business financing, as well as direct financial assistance to the population. According to data published by Reuters in the United States, about 100 million people are forced to stay at home due to quarantine, which is almost a third of the total population.
Pay attention to the US stock market, most of the shares returned to the green zone, since the allocation of interest-free loans will allow companies to significantly improve the current state of affairs, including restructuring their financial obligations, as well as redeeming their own shares at lower prices (at a market price that is currently significantly below the average for the last 12 months).
At the same time, I will draw your attention to the weakening of the US dollar, which has occurred over the last few days against most currencies. So, for example, the GBP / USD currency pair has already overcome the technical resistance area 1.1880–1.1900, thereby opening the way to the psychological and at the same time technical resistance level 1.2000.
I also draw attention to the publication of a weaker than expected report regarding business conditions, as well as the current situation and economic expectations in Germany from IFO. Despite data coming in below expectations, the demand for the EUR / USD pair remains stable which probably has more to do with USD weakness. Nevertheless, active purchases of EUR / USD should remain subdued until the signing of the bill to provide financial assistance in the United States, which is likely to exert strong, but short-term pressure on the USD.
Since most countries of the world are still in quarantine, long-term purchases of stock indices remain at risk.

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WHO: United States could become coronavirus epicenter

New cases of coronavirus infection are observed in the United States.

Representatives of some US states and municipalities criticize the federal government for the lack of coordinated action that provokes local competition for medical equipment. This was reported by Reuters, noting that the existence of the problem was recognized by Donald Trump.

  • “The world market for face masks and ventilators is crazy,” the President of the United States tweeted. “We’re helping states get equipment, but it’s not easy.”

85% of the new cases of coronavirus observed in the last day were recorded in Europe and the United States (with 40% of this number in the states).

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Germany: recession begins

  • IFO business climate index collapses from 96 to 86.1 points in March

  • Assessment of the current situation failed from 99 to 93

  • Business expectations collapsed from 93.1 to 79.7

These figures were slightly worse than forecasts.

The IFO index is close to the minimum values of the previous crisis in 2008/2009 - then it fell to 80.0 (in March 2009). The assessment of the current situation was weaker, while expectations were already starting to improve.
The current assessment of the situation is still quite high, and this shows that the economy is most likely far from the bottom point. The recession is likely to intensify in the coming months.

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G20: Americans want to put pressure on Saudi Arabia at the summit

USA intends to put pressure on Saudi Arabia on the kingdom’s planned increase in oil production during the G20 summit scheduled on Thursday, which will be held via videoconference. This was reported on Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

G20 leaders intend to discuss the spread of coronavirus, but USA also plans to raise the theme of the need to end the price war, which adversely affects US companies and banks. In particular, the United States wants to warn Saudi Arabia that the kingdom could also suffer if Western financial systems are destabilized.

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Yes, the whole world is shaking now, somewhere more, somewhere less, but still the situation is quite heated, and on the charts it is more noticeable than ever. Now you just need to be a little more careful, because speculation is not a rarity.

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Even a Saudi-Russia Truce Would Be Too Late to Save OPEC+ Legacy

On Thursday, the States held an urgent teleconference between leaders of the G-10 countries to discuss how to encourage the Saudis to make peace with the Russians.

Even if President Donald Trump could resolve the conflict between the two exporters, the kingdom had already committed to flood the crude oil market next month. And Moscow in every possible way makes it clear that it will not work. The ceasefire would stop a further collapse in prices, but it is too late to save relations between the former partners, who, until this month, together supported the oil market in a state of equilibrium.

Back in 2016, when Saudi Arabia and Russia led the global alliance of oil-producing countries, known as OPEC, the main motive for cooperation was the desire to reduce the oversupply of 300 million barrels of oil in industrialized countries, which prevented price increases.

But now the kingdom is pumping oil at full strength, producing 12 million barrels a day, and demand is falling due to the coronavirus. Goldman Sachs Group Inc estimates that stocks will rise 20 million barrels per day next month.

Even assuming that storage tanks are capable of holding such a volume, everything OPEC+ has achieved in recent years of casualties and reductions will be destroyed in one month.

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Market Watch

Another 3.3 million unemployed in the USA

A crisis is a time of rapid and fairly strong changes not only in the economy, but also amongst the population as panic sets in. Last week, the main talk was the significant deterioration in the economic situation in Europe, which put pressure on European currencies. Investors also began a massive exodus from all stock markets.
At this point, the US dollar and US government bonds were in great demand, generating a 10 % spike in the US dollar index and causing it to rise to the highest level since 2016. Investor sentiment has changed so far this week causing a pullback in the US currency
The main reason for the weakening of the USD remains investors’ expectations of a record package of monetary stimulus from the Fed and the US government, a bearish fundamental factor for the USD and at the same time bullish for the stock market. A big jump in the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits in the United States only increases the likelihood of further stimulation of the economy.
Let me remind you that the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits approached the mark of 3.3 million with an average of about 200 thousand.
I will draw your attention to the EUR / USD currency pair. Buyers managed to overcome the resistance area of 1.1040–1.1065, but by the middle of the European trading session, the pair had adjusted to the psychological mark of 1.1000. This indicates a lack of buyers and for now a pause for any further gains in the dollar
Turning to the current situation in Europe,it is clear that the pessimistic situation in Italy, Spain and France is continuing as they still cannot stop the spread of the virus which may keep the Euro under pressure
I will also point out the GBP / USD currency pair - a breakdown of support at 1.2140 can cause a fairly strong wave of sales, returning the pair to 1.2000. The risk of a bearish scenario developing remains elevated, as there are still no bullish fundamental factors for the GBP, and the recent growth in the currency can be attributed to USD weakness.
I will conclude with a review of the transaction for the sale of the USD / JPY currency pair. After the breakdown of the technical support level at 110.50 the trader opened a full lot sell order. A Take Profit order was placed at the next support level of 109.50. As you can see now, the pair has fallen much further, thereby allowing the trader to earn a little more than $ 900. At the same time, the risk was less than $ 300, since the Stop Loss order was placed 25 points above the transaction opening price.

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Coronavirus: a huge debt crisis in Europe

In 2012, at the height of Italy’s sovereign debt crisis, Mario Draghi saved the euro by saying that the European Central Bank (ECB) would do everything possible to save the euro. Today, when Italy is at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the strength of the euro will again be tested by the full-blown Italian crisis.

We can assume that for the sake of the Italian and world economy and despite the high financial costs, Europe will have the political will to do everything possible to save the euro. So we are waiting for the repetition of the scripts.

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Good reviews, and although you pay attention only to the key positions, on the other hand, it will be useful for a wider range of traders, because even those who prefer technical analysis still pay attention to such events, and it is simply impossible to ignore them…;

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This week, the OPEC+ agreement will cease to exist, while the world continues to fight the coronavirus

Starting April 1, OPEC and its former allies will be free from obligations to reduce oil production. A number of large manufacturers have already announced their intention to increase supplies, but the coronavirus may make adjustments to their plans. Global oil demand is in free fall, and storage will soon be full.

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