And here is...ME

I am “M”, live in Germany and I trade since 5 years, mostly forex and “metals”… :slight_smile:
I love “price action”…more about me:
I grow up in Italy (so half IT) and was able to make twice my hobbies a job for a living… :slight_smile:
in the late 90s it was music and since 1999 I work as an IT expert (freelance). Oh, and my age…oh…ok maybe later…:slight_smile:
so, “deep compressed”, this was a short insight in “who I am”…
Looking forward to have nice talks and knowledge exchange!

Hello “M” and welcome to the forums! Nice introduction you’ve got there. We also have an IT expert here if I’m not mistaken. @anon81929759 :slight_smile:

umm… did someone summon me in the middle of the night :stuck_out_tongue:

i looked outside my window
and instead of seeing this…

i saw an “MK” in the night sky within the spotlight :stuck_out_tongue:
so i knew that i had to logon to babypips hehe

Yes Commissioner , how can i can help

Great scott, and jiminy cricket, someone can’t seem to print to their network printer…


ok, now that i’ve had my fun.

Clearly @serversoft could be “Agent M”

Welcome Agent M
Come Stai
Mi Chiamo Martin, e io Poco Parla Italiano… solo Poco !

as you have been told, yes i am an I.T. Expert
it’s a pleasure to meet a fellow Tech such as yourself

my background is serbian
i was born in Australia, i speak both languages perfectly

and so have i.
since i was around 4 i was tinkering with all sorts of things.
I’ve been running my I.T. company for the last 16 odd years or so
i won’t give you the I.T. Speech of what i do

in short, I do everything,
i’m the sort of guy in I.T. that when others give up and say it’s not their job, i get it done hehe
i also do TV and Satellite and Electronic Circuit board level repairs and things of that nature.

I.T. is a Passion
Forex is not
however , happy to say i’m trading successfully at forex (thank god for that)

now… the big Question
What sort of Music

which brings us to this…

oh… don’t be rude, don’t be like that, you don’t look a day over 25 cico.
Now, let me start the formalities

I’m 45 years of age
i don’t say Old because , it’s not really that old
so , how old could you really be ?

back to music
if you are before my generation or my generation, in the late 90’s, when alternative music was around and Grunge was a thing
you were either listening to Metallica, Nirvana, Greenday
or perhaps the after effects of Led Zeppelin , the Beatles, Elvis was still a thing
i don’t imagine it was patsy cline or dr hook or buddy holly
maybe Roy orbinson… perhaps

based on your photo, I’m picking you for a Megadeth fan :stuck_out_tongue:
i mean, if you look past the suit and tie and that short hair

i can see a long haired hooligan wearing a denim jacket with metal patches and skull tattoo’s under that suit
am i correct

come on M, we are all friends here hehe be honest.

Anyway… Moving forward
How are you , Nice to meet you
if you want to chat about anything, feel free,

Until then
take care
it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance

Nice to know you! Actually, Price Action is one of the most powerful trading system! I am also using this popular trading method in my trading!

Hello M, welcome to the Babypips forum!

Hello M! :smiley: Welcome to the BabyPips forum! :blush: I hope you could share your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums, M! :slight_smile:

You’re working since 1999… that’s 19 years working experience. hmmmmm… I’m curious about your age. Hahaha

Hope to see more of you in the forums!

wooooooow! nice to hear that! from each one…that is so nice to see so many things in common (I mean, also other things…a part from trading… :slight_smile:).
Ok, let`s replace my “M” with my name…Marco :slight_smile:
I am still looking around to see what info is where etc. and hope to share something with you all as soon as possible!

yeah…I think I am not twenty anymore… :grin:
…and I suppose the 88 tells me something about your age…:slight_smile:

Ciao Martin!
nice to “hear” you… :slight_smile:
OK then, about the age, for me add one to yours… :slight_smile:
And funny that you mention that great bands, that was right! additionally I have a strong classical background and that is why, after playing in a band rock/blues etc., I studied a few years piano (classic) at the conservatory in Hamburg. But then, I started to work in IT so until today I simply play piano for myself… :wink:
So, nice to have you met and…
a presto e a risentirci prossimamente!


it makes him 46 years old FYI


and … i play guitar for myself and have a strong understanding of music theory



Welcome to the forums M! I’m new too! :smile:

Btw. 45 years is not old at all, I agree. :slight_smile:

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I just want to say that I’m loving the connection between you guys! :smiley: Haha. You really do have a lot of things in common! @anon81929759 and @serversoft

yes… you could say we are Connected Wirelessly on our own little VPN :stuck_out_tongue: