Angelo, a new conservative scalper

Hi everyone I’m Angelo I started trading 3 weeks ago and my first day I invested R180 and grew it to R1100 by scalping all day
Lately the coronavirus has eaten my account away, due to the high spread spikes :frowning:

I only use 0.01 lot sizes and am very interested in NAS100 but I don’t know how to calculate the pips for it, any advice lol
Good luck everyone !!!

Hi, why did you start from scalping method? Regards Greg

I’ve never really found a good calculator for indices. The markets have been crazy lately with lots of indices markets hitting limit down. Been tough trading for sure.

Most definitely the market has been really unpredictable

Well I didn’t have enough money for a good margin to hold long trades so scalping was the best option for me

ok, good luck :slight_smile: