Another scalping system

Sorry traders I do not want to have another fourm with all these traders who think they have the best strat… I dont want this fourm to become a big fight some im done… Good luck to all!!

Three to five trades a day, risking a variable total that could empty your account for a goal of eight to ten pips?

I’ll pass on this one…

Not to be insulting…but is this a joke?

No jokes… im laughin all the way to the bank! You dont have to use my mm… You can use your own… This system is for those who only want a few pips a day with a solid system

the problem of use this kind of rr is that you don´t need to have much losses to blow your profits away.

if this is working for you. great and hope you keep getting it…

Is this how the chart should look? I’ve never used the advanced ADX and I’m not sure if I have the right indicator. Also, what is “riskyachtar indo”?

By the way, there is nothing wrong with the money management with this system. If you’re any good at trading scalping you’ll have many more wins than losses. I personally go for about 5 pip gains and a 20 pips S/L. A lot of small wins will exceed an occasional 20 pip loss. Just remember everyone has a different trading style. I think longer trades suck but only because it doesn’t work for me. I can scalp and make money but if I try for longer trades I get killed. So I won’t bash longer term trading because I know it works for other people and scalping doesn’t work for them.

Are you trading on more than one position?

I can see 8 to 10 pips if you have 10 positions open.

Mini or micro?

8 to 10 pips a day on a mini account will barely buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal after trade costs… A micro? Forget about it…

8 to 10 on a full share positions with 4 to 5 trades to get it will net you 40 to 50 bucks…

Not seeing an upside here, especially when you factor in 22 pips risk on each trade.

Yes that is how the chart should look all you need to do is add the riskyachtar. The riskyachtar just shows direction of mini trends!!

I understand where your coming from and yes im trading a micro account… It will make a small amount of money at first but with your account compounding at the end of the year you would be happy trust me… Once you reach the max lots on your micro/mini acount you simply change to a standard account and keep going!!

Just try the system whoever wants to and lets see if we can make this system better… You can become a full time trader in time gaining 10 pips a day! Its just a slow walk… If you ask me I much rather be doing this slow and steady and become consistently profitable then going for 100 pips every trade with to much market exposure!! Trade the system on demo for a few weeks and see how you like it! If its not for you then dont trade it… If it is for you and you see room for improvement then post it on this fourm!

Bit hard since I never got a chance to look at it rofl

Then again if your system - and your ego - crumbles to criticism I’m not sure I’d even want to. Not to mention that judging from the attitude of your replies this thread seems like a rose-scented minefield for newcomers

mmmm are those roses i smell … -explodes- :eek: haha

but really all i can honestly say is if it works for him thats good but personally i dont prefer these kind of systems