Another US Rate hike might be sooner than expected

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Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said on Monday March 21. That another Fed rate hike is likely to happen sometime around April 2016. Lockhart statement is another sign that the Fed officials are comfortable with the US different monetary policy than the one handled in Europe and Japan.

In Lockhart statement, he answered why the Fed decided on its last meeting to hold on with another rate hike. He said due to high market volatility, the Fed took a “patient” approach so to not put extra pressure.

Lockhart added that the current US market momentum justify another rate hike soon, possibly at the end of April, and the Fed will look for more signs of continued economic growth to support the decision.

Lockhart remarks and those made by other Fed officials recently, support a consensus at the US central bank that the US economy strengthen despite a poor global prediction. Rates can go higher at the next announcement by half percentage.