Anton Kreil PFTM class - clarification on video 21

Hi Guys,

I hope some of you looked the course PFTM by Anton Kreil. My questions are about video 21 of the course:

  • Why in the Endo analysis inflation has a short bias while in the Exo analysis inflation has a long bias?

  • How does he add up the scoring in the excel of video 21? If I have a positive score both in endo and in exo what will be my final bias?
    Example: Endo for USD has a positive score so inflationary and so short. Exo for USDJPY also has a positive score so inflationary so long. Adding up the number you have a positive value but what you do? Short or long since the biases are different in the two kind of analysis

Many thanks in advance to whomever will help


Is video 21 called gate keeping? What’s the title for it?

It is called “21. Macro Fundamentals; Full Analysis”

My honest opinion. The fact that you have to ask this question here on BabyPips, instead of asking the instructor, says a lot about the course.

It is true that he doesn’t provide a support line, however it might be also that it is just I missed some connection in the logic

Of course, it is likely that you missed something.
I might be biased, I just don’t like this approach to teaching, whatever it is the subject.

I have the same question for days now… I cant figure out the logic behind it. In previous videos he says that inflationary conditions give us a short bias and deflationary conditions a long bias but at the same time in another video he shows a chart and he desribes an up move as inflationary and a down move as deflationary. In addition, he explains that a good economy is mildly inflationary so we have growth and a bad economy is deflationary and we have contraction. But growth implies a rise in the value of a currency and a contraction a fall in the value of a currency. When banks print more money they create inflationary conditions reducing the buying power of usd for example and when they withdraw money they deflate the currency giving it more buying power.

If someone could clarify whats going on here I would be very thankful! I ve lost my sleep over that dilemma

Thank you

Did you find the answer?

Hi Martin !
I’ve answered about your question
here:I've made all G10 forex spreadsheets using Anton Kreil's PFTM Method
it is absolutely normal to be confused because Anton is constantly contradicting himself in that video :joy:
Hope will help also the other guys still doubtful about it :wink:

could anyone kindly share PFTM 18th number video. titel is- 18. Macro Fundamentals Driver 8, with Excel Examples . thanks