Anxiety when starting to trade with a real account

This feeling is common among new traders. However, it shouldn’t be neglected at all because emotions play an important role in your trades.

You need to introspect whether you’re ready to make trades. You can look at your performance in demo trading. If you make consistent profits, then you can start with real trading.

Too straightforward, but I like what you just said.

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You’d better start with small sums of money.
Surely, the whole process of trading with real money will be different from trading demo, but you’ve got to start doing this because it doesn’t make sense to trade demo all the time. You should understand how much money you can afford to lose and start trading the same way as you used to when trading with demo. Don’t forget to follow the principles of money and risk management. THey are of great importance for you if you don’t want to lose all the money within a minute. You shouldn’t forget about slippages, spreads and other broker’s charges. You’d better make some amendments to your trading strategy according to the trading conditions offered by the broker that you work with.

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It is common to feel anxious when you start trading with real money because a lot of factors come into play, including your emotions and risk & money management.

Initially, you should start trading with a low investment and focus more on your trading style. After a few trades, you will overcome this feeling and will be able to trade without negative emotions.

Hi, your feeling is very understandable especially for new traders, when i started out i was in the same boat. I would suggest starting with the smallest lot size possible and keeping a small number of trades so you don’t overtrade.

If possible I would suggest using Cent Account instead of a standard account so you can trade with even smaller lot sizes just to get used to the feeling and have some experience. For example, AximTrade cent account lets you open 0.0001 lot minimum.

This feeling is normal. You should know that everyone starts off with some level of nerves, but there is nothing to fear if you really think about it. Confidence is important. Just don’t let it get out of control.

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Anxiety takes place when you are stuck in a trade for a longer period of time and were unable to exit when there was a right time because of emotional imbalance. So, it’s better to take plenty of small trades, at least that will save you from anxiety.

This happens almost with every trader, I have seen some traders who trade on demo accounts with bigger lots, but this will not help you in your learning, on demo try to use micro lots which will tell you the exact level of your trading.

I like your last words…
Just move to the next trade

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It’s simple, follow your trading rule and don’t risk more than what you can afford to lose

I was really anxious in the beginning as well. You can look up analysis paralysis in traders and it explains more about it and there are tips to help cope with it!

It’s very common to feel this when you are a new trader. I would recommend you the recommendation I got: take a small risk and try to be consistent in terms of creating a feasible strategy. Increase your risk once you develop consistency. You can take help of demo trading in backtesting your strategies. This will help you in identifying flaws in your strategy and strategize for next trades.

You need to have a very stable mind while trading. Not letting your emotions impact you is key to being successful.

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Are you profitable in a demo account? If so, just do your usual trading without letting your emotion in control.

Start trading with real money only once you’ve proven you can regularly make money on a demo account. Make sure you’re using a method you’re comfortable with and can reproduce with real money at that point.

You should not join live trading unless you have developed skills or consistent profit on the demo platform. And you need to set goals and trade with the plan.

So, over the last 4 months you have not blown your account but you haven’t earned any money either. I guess you were trading with a very low leverage.

It’s all about managing and controlling emotions. Discipline and patience with FX currency pairs minimal lot sizes 0.1 - 0.2 with a 200:1 leverage for a wider margin.

Money makes money. IMO, to make a small consistent profit, it’s necessary to have an account size of at least $500 to be able to breathe when faced with consecutive losing trades, as does every trader on the planet.

For financial freedom target an account size of $100,000. There is no short cut to riches.

Your lot sizes are not negligeable. Same for the leverage. Also, your strategy seems not so bad.

In fact I will even say at least $1000 as a minimum for an account size.

Also, you know that you won’t consistently make money with this secondary account of about $60 : A good strategy could be to put weekly on this secondary account your profit from your primarly account which size I believe is about $1000. This is the (‘technical’/cash flow management) strategy I will be using when I will restart live trading :sunny: .

Yes, it is very important to compound accounts for growth. I set aside 10% of my monthly income for my primary account which is my main aim right now. Thanks for raising that strategic example for others reading.

I’m aiming to add a portion to my secondary account from January, so I can focus on FX currency pairs, as well as continuing to trade the DAX Frankfurt and London breakouts.

And best of luck with your $1,000 account, which is a very sensible amount. If you need any tips on how to manage emotional control, just message me.