Any body use GFT?

I haven’t herd anything about them. I’m going to open a demo acount to see how their platform works.

Any info you have on them would be great. Be it good, bad or ugly.

i use them currently because there is a fellow that posts educational forex trading videos on youtube, from fx bootcamp. and i pretty much copied his chart set-up thinking “if it works for him it will work for me” i havent done so well but the chart setup hasnt failed me yet ( i’ve pretty much done it myself)

I use gft for one account. Their charts are great and you can also trade via mobile phone. Great execution and customer service. Their spreads are a little large in today’s age, so know what you are doing.

GFT is not good to trade on the news. They fill in the best available and you may lose all the money, and the platform from them is very bad when you login in is terrible and slow.

I use FXS Forex in Australia and they use the same Dealbook platform that GFT uses.

I have exploited the use of this charting platform and taken it to its limits.

[B]It is my opinion that this platform must surely be the best out there.[/B]

It is simple to use, extremely user friendly and can do absolutely anything.
You can load 100 indicators on it without problem and open 50 different time frames. Then you can close down the program and it saves itself so that next time all your settings are immediately there for you.

You can make the details on the charts as big or small as you want.

There is a very large selection of indicators and you can set the charts visually any way you want. Any buy/sell order you have set can be instantly shoved to a new value merely by click and drag.

You do not need Java or a broadband connection to work this chart, although broadband is, of course preferable.

There are many trading choices from market to OCO and the platform automatically sets a safe buy/sell figure for you which is simple to change if you so wish.

A calculator is in the program and your profit/loss is automatically displayed in your home currency as the pips move up and down. Your equity etc are also displayed.

There is much more to this package but you need to try it for yourself. I am sure that it is the Rolls Royce of platforms and i will not ever need to try anything else.

In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend this platform.

As for GFT policy, I cannot speak for them as I do not use them.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

I’ve tried out alot of different demo accounts with different brokers and so far GFT (dealbook 360) is by far my favorite and the one I am most comfortable with, and their charts are definetly alot better than the rest. Also, their deposit and withdraw options seem to be alot easier since they don’t require you to fax in forms like alot of other brokers do. My only issues with them is that the spreads are kind of high compared to others like Oanda and FXCM, and that they don’t offer microlots. But I just see this as being a trade-off for using a platform that I feel is alot better than the others. Also, their customer support is great and they solved any problems I was having while demo trading. I am probably going to end up using them when I open a live account.

I have a GFT account and thus far like the platform. Orders are easy and I like the charts as it makes it easy for me to setup multiple time frames. Customer service is great as they have called me back an answered my questions. I’m in demo mode with them right now as I attempt to learn a strategy.