Any brokers to recommend?

Can you let me know which brokers are the best?

We can only recommend when we know what you are looking for and where you reside. Are you looking for a broker that is good for news trading, scalping, hedging or a stock broker, binary broker. You have to be specific. What trading conditions are you looking for? I use Forexchief broker, they offer $100 no deposit bonus for new accounts, 1:400 leverage and low spreads. I have used Oanda in the past as well, not a bad option.

This is something that you would need to research yourself, they all offer different environments for trading.

They all claim to be the best lol, you just have to find one that works for you, I use forex, oanda is also another choice…when you find the best let me know please

Facebook & Twitter are all good places to look. As long as you ignore all the obvious spam posts you’ll usually get good recommendations.

the best broker is difficult to found, any best broker first of all ensure security of fund including a wide range of trading technologies.

Depends on where you live and your trading preferences. A lot of forex brokers are out there and finding the best one for you isn’t that easy.

@Treeny, I think forums are better places to look for broker advises. Not sure if the recommendations on Facebook are legit. Twitter users though offer good advise on brokers. But I really count on Babypips to get opinion or gauge overall sentiment about brokers. For eg. there is a good article on regulation awareness, scam brokers list, recommended offshore brokers, etc. I don’t find the list of regulated brokers.

I’m using offshore one (TurnkeyForex) as a main account to escape the regulations, everybody knows why.
But you need to research and aware of the risks as well. If you pick a suitable broker, research it, test it, drill it, and then you can think about going live.

I think it’s best to do your own research when choosing a broker. Babypips has a lesson in the school that will help you in choosing a broker.

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Check this:

Forex Ninja made a great post that will help you choose a great broker.

I use XM .COM , but you would have to choose the one that is better for your trading conditions.

If you want to take a good decision, read this :slight_smile:

You can look for coinexx, have been using them for a year now, their trading conditions are really commendable.