Any good backtesting software?

I’m looking for something that could test strategies, by me putting in information, like over what period of time I’d like the results for, and where I’d place my stop losses and take profits.

Is there such a thing?

Forex Tester is the name of the software all the pros are using. Hope this helps.

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No. No they dont. This is just wrong steve. Do we need to go down that road again steve.

Foxertester is grossly overrated.

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Sorry, Steve, but this is really totally wrong.

I’d even go so far as to say that almost certainly no “pro” is using it!

I certainly don’t claim it’s completely valueless, but in the industry it’s considered to come under the broad heading of “retail rubbish”; not serious software at all.

Many ordinary trading platforms (e.g. NinjaTrader, TradingView, SierraChart, etc.) have a built-in facility allowing multiple testing of such parameters over any imported data-series.


It helps nobody. It isn’t even true.

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Not heard of Forex Tester but I am not a fan of back testing systems.

Better to just demo mode them to start.

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This is a weird perspective!

How do you deicde which ones to “start”?!

In the time taken to start one or two, you could backtest 500 or 1,000 systems (it’s all automated) to see which ones look worthy of further attention and investigation when exposed to a decade’s data. Once you’re set up to do it, it’s really fast.

There’s no absolute guarantee that something that backtests well will make you steady profits moving forward, but you can be pretty certain that something you haven’t even backtested reliably will give you no chance at all. And at least it’s an easy, fast and reliable way of identifying the “possibles”. Without doing that, one has very little chance at all!

But “Forex Tester”, mentioned above, is hopelessly inadequate for the task.

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I don’t think so, because there is no positive review about this, so please don’t suggest for anyone

It’s amazing how many people on this forum try and split hairs. Here is a new trader trying to learn what’s available on the market and I gave him an example. If you fine people actually belonged to a professional trading room as i do, you would know that there are full time traders like myself using this software.

Just because you can’t afford to purchase it doesn’t mean it’s overrated.

Your a sheep… baaa

If you could actually trade not regurgitate the marketing crap out there getting fleeced to “belong” you might have something worth saying.

Facts are excel is a more powerful tool that foxertester.

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Unfortunately not.

What you gave him was a recommendation based on a totally untrue claim about “all the pros”!!

Fortunately for the OP, several better-informed members very quickly stepped in to correct it - in that sense, the forum did well for him, today.

LOL!! :grimacing:

Agreed. No real comparison at all.

And you are entitled to your opinion. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I’m going to throw a temper tantrum. Just because you haven’t made it as a trader yet, don’t take it out on everyone else. You look really silly.

Are you not capable of disagreeing with anyone without trying to denigrate and belittle them?

Even in a situation in which three members have already corrected the misinformation you posted?

The irony of it! :grimacing:

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You can use excel for back testing? What about back testing for strategies, like where you’d want to place your entries and stops, etc? So that it can show you how it would have worked out.

Excel can’t do that part of it, can it? I would’ve thought it would merely show the data, as opposed to show your win rate, etc when applying strategies.

When the name calling starts, we all know who the disgruntled people are, that was my point.

Good points, well made.

However, if I already had some to start,(from trading groups I am in that are working for other people), then I would prefer to use demo mode and do it in real time.

Have a look here bro

Steve, you can have a look to although it might be above the learning of the sheep you choose to hang out with.

will you please share the link?

What advantages are there between using a Back Testing Software instead of just :thinking: Demo Trading a system to test?