Any hidden costs?

Hi guys,

Atm I have a demo standard account (not raw spread) with ICmarkets. I’ve been trading on my demo account for a few days and it all seems a bit to easy so I’m wondering if there’s any hidden catches I’m missing

What I’ve been doing is trading fairly quickly - buying/selling pairs within minutes or sometimes seconds to make small margins of a few quid - I made almost £200 in a few hours today and not one loss on a trade (out of around 50)

I find it hard to believe I could achieve this if I was trading for real as it seems easy so I was wondering it where hidden costs somewhere ? Do brokers charge per trade or anything ? Do I pay a monthly fee ? What costs are their to trading (baring in mine the standard account with IC markets I have). I’ve attached a few images of the some of the trades I did

Commissions for both opening and closing.
Swap as usual, however on Wednesdays swaps are charged at triple rate
and Commission (per lot) in your case with standard acc it’s 0.

I might be missing something, but as long as I know (I’m trying this platform myself atm) that should be it.
Also, there might be a small like 0.05% or so exchange fee, not sure about this one, but other platforms have it.

hidden cost very stupid thing i have ever faced , it depends on your trading broker , choose the right one and stay away from that.

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if you choose a wrong trading platform then you realize what actually hidden fees, in order to me , its all about brokers cheating issue, nothing without it.