Any live trading portal?

Hello Fellow Trader’s,

My first post here :slight_smile:

I am trading on Demo account at the moment, even though I did 3-4 months of forex studying but I really get confused when it comes to entry and exist. So I end up loosing more money than I gain. I dont want to follow any feeds or tips and want to learn it myself.

Thr are heaps of websites offering live trading webinars and are charging 200-1000$ per month. I want to find out if their is any Genuine tested portal or platform where other party can share screens so we can learn from them and take their feedback. I am unsure if we have any forex clubs here in Melbourne where independent trader’s can share and gain knowledge, can you suggest where can I look for such groups?

Please suggest me one good Forex news feed that I should follow.

Last one, I use fibs on 4 hour chart but read it some where that you should test it on the smaller platform as well before bidding, I find it more confusing and does not lead me any where!! Any feedback on this?

Thanks in advance:57::57:


Any suggestions?