Any Question about Forex!

Hello everyone, how are you? I am Puji Ono From UK. I have more than 7 years of experience in forex trading. If anyone have any questions you can ask me freely. Cheers <3

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I see; you are very new in this community! Welcome! By the way, what’s your observation on cryptocurrency; especially on BTC?

Hi Puji - My biggest headache is knowing when to get out of a profitable trade. I don’t mind asking this, its the hardest thing, and I don’t mind anyone answering with an opinion.

I take trend-following trades off D1 charts with a trailing stop-loss. My original plan was to pyramid these each time the unrealised gain matched the initial risk but this rarely leads to the sort of net profit I hoped for. So now I mostly get out at r:r 1:1, which isn’t very exciting.

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Hi Puri; what’s your current status of trading? Trading individually or involved with any institutional sector?

Hello, Just beginning to understand how it works. I am interested in individual trading

Buddy till now no answer? Check the thread; till now lots of questions!!!

Hi; nice to know but my question was on Puri; who created this thread!

Forex is a huge area to understand. Basically, you need to trade currency pairs in this market by analyzing several factors. You can read some articles for basic knowledge. That can help you to understand more. Besides learning, you can practice in a demo account with our free signals.

Trading individually and also involved an institutional sector.

Hello! What’s your trading strategy? Do you keep a journal? :slight_smile:

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Forex is just an addiction , lose so many times from this stock market but still survive.

Wow that’s really great! Institution trading is really different scenario than the retail trading!

I am wondering the group signal on telegram has a lot of members. But in fact, is the owner of that group really profitable? :roll_eyes:

Hello! I’m doing great with my current trading platform. Thanks for asking though.
From the beginning I have been working individually till now but I have interest on joining with some institution in the coming future as well.

Patience is the KEY for the success in Forex I must say.

It surely is

Hello Puji, welcome to Babypips!

That’s great! Nice to know your journey! Keep it up.

baby pip educational courses have excess information , what are the important courses to learn in babypips and skip the unnecessary ?

If you ask me, everything is necessary. There is no harm in knowing as much as possible about trading - it is an activity that can bring you profits or it can ruin you depending on your knowledge, experience and character and it’s prudent to be as educated as possible before you try it.