Any season traders or pro's know recommended books that can help beginners?

Is there a preferbly recent up to date paperback book that many pro’s perhaps agree on that does a good job and can shed light on Forex trading as a whole? am wanting to to spend more time reading about forex trading in spare time when I am off my computer and not at work. I just was after a book that preferbly could be advised for newbies to read to understand things a bit more in Forex and how it works. P

Im def not a pro, but i recommend the market wizards series by Jack Schwager

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Any book by Mark Douglas is worth a read. Trading in the Zone in particular.

I’d recommend “Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Strategies” by Kevin J. Davey. If you have a scientific/ programming background you may know a lot of the stuff already but if not it breaks it down into a sufficiently simple explanation for anybody to get it. Great introduction to quant trading. Even if you want to trade manually systematizing and back testing your trades is a great way to validate your trading method.

Back testing is highly over-rated but that’s for another discussion.

That’s a bold statement, IMO. I have always read that backtesting your set up was an important step in a compiling a trading plan.

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Yea, I’d also be keen to see how that discussion would go down - doesn’t sound like the most logical piece of advice I have read here in a while; unless it’s rapped in a caveat, which is usually the case.

I respect your opinion, but personally, I recommend extensive back testing.

I’d be more than happy to have it. I am much more interested in forward testing than back. I’d do maybe 6 months tops for back testing and at least double that for forward.

Getting the thread back on topic, does anyone have any more book recommendations?

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

I think you have a point because the real test comes from actually trading the market live or demo. Hopefully demo if your in the testing stage

Have you looked at Babypips’ FX Man Pipcrawler’s own thread specifically dedicated to trading books?


Here it is:

Thank you kindly. The’s exactly what I was looking for.

One of the best books I’ve read about learning about trading.
Surviving Day Trading by Peter Davies of JigSaw Trading - it’s a free download from his site.

Good luck!

How to day trade for a living by Andrew Aziz you can buy it on amazon!