Any VT-Systems Programmers?


Can someone code a system that I have in VT Trader which will give time to enter, exit the market as buy/sell arrows and exit title.

It is a conditional system and the formula is simple.

I am trying to access the VT forum, but I am unable to register there cause I never receive validation e-mail.

Thank you!

Hi. I use VT systems because of the trading signals it generates (arrows) and what you are trying to do sounds interesting.

I have access to VT software, etc. If you give some more detail I will do some programming with it.

Hi Paul, do you know where I can get the documentations of all functions in the VT scripting language use to create .vtts & .vtscr?

Hi, I found the notes for the VT Trader built-in scripting engine at :

go to ‘support’

download VT Trader manual version 1.3 (pdf version)

it’s all in there. I hope this is what you’re looking for.