Any winning traders want to share your broker's name?

When we were learning trading, and risk management they would say…

  • Money management (never risk more than 2%)
  • Keep calm, and follow the system (nowadays we can cut off this part by using robots)
  • Let profits run, never fixed it (trailing stop)
  • Diversity, never keep all eggs in one basket

But nowadays, in trading the first thing to do is trade with only honest broker which they want to see your account grow for bigger commissions, otherwise the market-making brokers will steal your money legally through huge-slippages, stop-hunting, etc. Even FAKE-ECN brokers can collab with fake liquidity providers to share profits they stole from people, and called themselves TRUE ECN. The problem is which broker is honest? so they’ll deserve to get massive commissions in long term.

Anyone got profits transferred to your bank constantly in long-term, and want to share your broker’s name? It would be helpful to many traders who’s looking for honest broker. Even just a name of broker is more than enough.

I’m sure many traders would appreciate your posts.

There are some websites to do research on how honest your broker is but there’re some paid reviews on them, which you’ll also have to use common sense to be aware of them.

  2. WikiFX APP!- Global Broker Regulatory Inquiry

I’d recommend to check both websites in details, read all comments about your broker, before trading live. It’s your money, hand it to the one who deserved.

I’ve recently opened an account with
So far so good. The spreads are much lower than my previous broker, and at last I’ve found some profitable traders to copy.
The information on traders history can look confusing but appears incredibly comprehensive.

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Hi, i’ve been using IG index for years. Never had any problems, based in london, regulated and have been to the offices too. Never tried any others. Although I have heard from other traders that ic markets is good too.

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I also do support that and do not understand why some people are so reluctant for that matter anyway. How else we should go with that matter anyway. Care to share this stuff with us or no ? I am really just want to name names in that case for example.

Dont understand what you’re trying to say…

I really want a long-term cooperation with because I am always interested in spreads. However, if the broker is not good, the trader will win, so the immediate trader has set 50% already. The remaining 50% is on your side.
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