Anybody out there trading the news

hi im a fundamental trader , i like trading high impact news reports, big meaningful surprises , just wanted to make friends with other fundamental traders , hope to get some

I cant call my self news trader but I traded news before and I gained good from it but I just wait for hi impact one as u truth is it worked with me 3 times and I failed 2 times but I am still beginner in the end so It would be my pleasure to be your friend

I have done this in the past, but i would be honest- it’s risky.
Now i prefer to trade breakouts on H4 and D1 charts.

You cant trade pre-news well is because of slippage and spread widening which resulted bad fills unless you trade micro lots using a mm broker. You can trade post news which is after the news release when the spread become stable.

Trading Fundamentals can be fun…the bigger the potential news, the more pips on offer to collect. Excitement is great especially 5 minutes before the release when setting entry orders, bullish and bearish. I used to do it years ago, but got tired of it… you could never know beforehand how much the market was going to move if at all, what stop loss to use and how much I should take from it.

It was like a bidding at an auction…30 Pips 30 Pips 30 Pips…can I get 40 ? 40 Pips 40 Pips…gentleman in the back with the cowboy hat…60 60 Pips…oh no but now we are back down to 20 Pips 20 Pips, market going lower, should I exit…exit…exit…?

Take this example in the NZD CAD earlier this year after the New Zealand Central Bank raised rates…naturally most would have bought given the increase in rates. Normally I would have been faced with the decision in the chart below…


How much do I exit for, will it pullback, will it continue to move? Should I hold it overnight?

Instead, I started focusing on the technical patterns on the higher time frames, focusing on the larger trends. 99% of the time, the signals on the these charts tell you if a currency is going to move in the direction of the news release or not. With this in mind, I simply used the signal that broke the Consolidation on the Daily Chart and set the target regardless of the news.


Target hit after a few days. Not as exciting, but more profitable, less stress less uncertainty.

Check out my Swing Trading thread for more of this way of trading.

prenews trading is a pain in the neck… but ive been reading of late about guys who trade the news exactly during those times, i mean during the first seconds after the reports are released , it is automated and there are some other rules as well like trading throughan ecn broker as well as a news squawk service(the one that delivers the news the fastest) , the automated system sends the buy sell order like 7 milliseconds after the report is released , its a good advantage im guessing , will do more research about this , anybody knows sth else about thhis way of trading

That’s true, but you need to have very fast broker, with low spread.
it’s hard to find one…