Anyone get in on that CAD move just now?

Crazy moves.

Looks like this was the cause:

It’s an interesting development, albeit a legitimate one. Let’s see what happens next - I think we will still be surprised.

Hopefully we get to take advantage!

Fundamental analysis in action.
Still, news is a key strength of the market and it requires careful study and observation.

No, but selling the cadjpy here.
Explained in the video why I entered.

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Crazy JPY moves over Thanksgiving break too! Anyone caught that one? :open_mouth:

One of my students caught it…but not me lol. I was preparing for a CADJPY sell, but was not in the move.

Lucky! I feel like something always happens around Thanksgiving. Will need to be prepared next year!

Is USD set to weaken until the end of this year? :open_mouth:

Possible with a sudden change in trend when the new year starts :face_with_monocle: