Anyone prepared to rate a broker?


Still very new and have been using a demo account with ACM. I like the platform is seems stable and configurable. They guarantee to fill at exectution price and the spread is 3 pips. Tech support has been helpful, as have the dealing support. All seems very good so far. But I read some disconcerting posts about unscrupulous brokers. They seem ok to me but I’m a complete noob!!

I see it seems a lot of people use oanda so I’m checking out a demo account with them too.

I’d be gratefull if anyone was up for posting their opinions about a broker and/or their platform?

Advanced Currency Markets is up for review first if anyone else uses them, or perhaps used them and now use some other !!



u can try
They have a whole least of brokers with reviews.
gd luk!

if you know how to get one of those poll things going here maybe that would be a good idea with a list of brokers???


I used them recently for a demo too. I’ve seen lower spreads with small commissions elsewhere. ACMs mini accounts have wider spread still-eek.
If you are American you must also consider how taxes affect your trading. I’ve been trying various demos over the last few years and read a couple of beginning FX books.
favorite trading books so far are Technical Analysis for Dummies and Day Trading the currency markets.
So if you demo all the sponsors from this web site you should find something that you like.
Favorite broker for spreads is EFXgroup, though charts are free for 7 days and no built in news feeds like the rest of the demos.
I hope that you make many babypips for your accounts.
favorite forums- babypips and forexfactory
enjoy your search

Ummm there is an entire thread devoted to this topic (just spotted it) look in “everything else” section of the forum for “Rate my broker”