Anyone read any good books lately

I just thought I would start this thread hoping that maybe some people can give me and the newbies out there some good books to read on either forex or just business philosophy in general.

For example, I am reading right now “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I’ve read it before, but felt that I should read it again since it has been a while and I was feeling like I forgot some of the ideas of the book. Hey, it’s millionaire training! :smiley:

So, anyone else have any suggestions. Any books you think will be valuable for a forex trader, newbie or senior.



My book, of course! :smiley: :cool:

In all seriousness, every trader should read Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards. They are great for both knowledge and inspiration.

I actually got a chance to meet and interview Jack Schwager, author of those two books, back when I was in college.

Brett Steenbarger’s two books The Psychology of Trading and Enhancing Trader Performance are both excellent. Brett actually helped me with my book and with getting it published, and wrote the forward. He’s a really good guy with a really useful view on trader psychology and development.

Another really good book that will get you thinking about the markets in a totally different way is Markets in Profile: Profiting from the Auction Process. That’s by James Dalton.

Any of the books by George Soros or Jim Rogers are worth reading.

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp is very worth reading.

That’s a good starting point.:slight_smile:

Agree totally with John. For something different try American Sucker by David Denby. Its a riveting read about what happens if you trade on hope and will grip you from page to page

Any book of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series. Goto to see the list of things he has. Also try Candlestick Genius. I’m not through with it yet but it looks promising.