Anyone trading BTC/USD

I think all the recent media attention has been driving the price up. Almost every major news source has some sort of bitcoin story.

Yeh typical bullish hype driven by irrational euphoria. The facts behind bitcoin don’t make it appropriate for long term investments. There will be competitors that will devalue the bitcoin, Opencoin is already beginning to roll out there infrastructure. Security is going to be a huge issue as ddos attacks have been directed at bitcoin for the last week now. There is no insurance of any kind either. This is essentially a grown up version of Pokemon cards and will run its course.

I think you must clarify that the ddos attack are over the exchanges not to the bitcoin.

bitcoin getting smoked. anyone think there will be a reversal?

I thrust on bitcoin as a currency. I think it will regain value but can take some time, maybe 1-2 months.

I believe bitcoin is pretty interesting, although volatile recently with wide fluctuations. I did discover this which seems potentially profitable from a gaming perspective: seems new though…

Nice discovery! Just like binary options on indexes but with bitcoin!

There is also a couple of forex brokers that works only with bitcoin! I have account with

Really now? lol.
I dont know why but I suspect there might be a few people out there who would beg to differ.
Personally I would say… None of the above.