Are old trading books still relevant?

By starting the mindset 30 years ago. That is all I did.

Man, I just posted about learning forex being a journey. I hope I’ll be around trading still in 30 years.

I have been trading Forex for 15 years of that 30 years (and although I did not know it at the time, actually since late 1988). I still cannot say I have a guaranteed edge to my trading. I hope you learn faster than me. :laughing:


Well, you’re still here. Are you broke, no money? If not, I think that’s doing ok!

Well, I do a lot of things that are not Forex related. And have been doing those things since the 1980s. I don’t often need to worry about where and how I am going to eat, or pay the heating bills.

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The New Market Wizards. Read a bit of it and the concepts discussed flew over my head at the time. I intend to read it a bit later. But there are well known names among the traders interviewed who are worth reading up on. E.g. One of those interviewed, Linda Raschke, is someone I started reading up on and listening to recently. You can always look up books written by those interviewed and those they recommend.

Linda has her own YT channel and was even featured in a BP interview. She’s absolute balls to the wall.

Trading in the Zone, The Disciplined Trader - I don’t think there are a lot of books written by psychologists/psychiatrists. Still as relevant as they were 2 decades ago. Two other authors who write along the same lines are Alexander Elder & Jared Tendler.

Yes, they old trading books are still very much relevant.

It depends on how old they are. I think a lot of older books on technical analysis are still pretty relevant.

Hey, good find! I will check her out for sure.

Any favorites?

Yes, the old trading books are still relevant. Financial markets and trading never stop changing, and the only way to stay on top of things is by constantly learning, learning the basics, and learning all there is to know about how markets work.

What other BP threads have you looked at so far? External sites? Recommended books for certifications?

How far has your own research progressed?

One of my favorite old books is Forex Price Action Scalping.
A word of caution though, you can’t apply every old concept or idea in the markets of these days. You should be able to differentiate the information that is still relevant from the concepts that are worn out.

Not all the old trading books are relevant. You can find a few things that still go well but I feel that the market has moved so much that these books seem outdated now.

If you can list the specific books you feel are outdated it’ll help emphasize your point and hopefully bring about a constructive conversation around it.

Man, I’m kind of all over the place. Maybe I need to take a step back and just focus on something. Price action comes up a lot.

I did a search for price action using the magnifying glass at the top and this is the first thing that shows up.

Looks like a ton of posts.

Or can anybody recommend a price action book?

Price action is very advanced and is a trading methodology that requires a lot of heavy reading and prior knowledge. It also doesn’t efficiently build on the foundations you’ve established through the babypips course.

You didn’t find any books in that first list of recommended books? That’s weird. There are mentions of a lot of good books to start with right there. Even if the posts are a little old there are newer editions of the same books.

Edit: Kathy Lien’s book is one example I can think of and there are quite a few mentions of the Technical Analysis books you asked about too. You just have to click on the link, compile the most mentioned books, research their reviews on Amazon/goodreads and find out if they have more recent editions.

Oh man, i didn’t even click that thread from Pipcrawler until just now! I saw New Market Wizards and just started rambling!

There’s a bunch of books there I never heard about.

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There’s a TON of good books from the various folks posting. And the good books keep popping up regularly too.

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Ok wow. Plenty of options! Thanks!

I’m sure there are some out there but the web must have so much more