Are you a Full Time, Part Time, or Demo Trader?

Hey everyone I know people don’t like to discuss their actual gains but I thought it would be interesting to create a poll to see how successful people have been able to be with trading.

Full Time - Trading is your main source of income.
Part Time - You have a normal job and trade on the side.
Demo - You are still learning and haven’t done real trading yet.
Other - What do you do? Post a comment.

I trade between going to school and working part-time; no breaks for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah I’m going to school and working as well…I plan to be trading soon I hope.

Btw. I noticed you’re from Ontario…me too! Nice to meet a fellow Canadian.

Coming from a real estate background, and started dabbling in forex a few weeks ago. Giving myself until the end of the year to test different strategies, and will go online come bonus time early next year. The plan is to use 75% of my bonus on a “conservative” strategy, and 25% for a “f*** it, let’s take a shot” slightly more risky strategy.

Spending a good 2hrs/day back testing various strategies. If they pass, I create an EA and will let them run for 3-4mo before going live. Going well so far, was up 16% in the first month, and 23% last month. This month is skewed because of a drunk misclick, lol. Wanted to go short on EUR/USD, but went long right before the crash. Didn’t find out until the next day when it was too late. Made most of it up already, but only up around 8% so far this month.

Shoutout to the Forex Strategy Builder/Trader software. It’s free, and a great tool to backtest strategies…much better than MT4’s crappy backtester.