Are you patient?

don’t try to improve what you lack of ,try to play what you good at to the most .
i don’t patient is necessary ,if you have the right knowledge. good pips

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Forex trading isn’t for those who are impatient. I am flexible at times like sometimes I am patient and sometimes I become aggressive.

Initially I was very excited and wasn’t even near patience but I gradually developed this quality in me.

I have patience but not always. It depends on my mental condition when and how long I can retain my patience.

That’s an interesting point, I was talking to someone about a crypto arbitrage system they want to use which I know, they wanted to trade per second intervals across 70pairs which would be about 50,000 trades per month, the system can do this, I explained to them it is ridiculous and showed them the output of the system generating 300-500% per month placing 500 trades, they were confused, this is how it works.

Well, I understand that, but can you mention a situation as an example?

How trade being a good business can help you to be patient?

Trading requires rational judgment and emotions will prevent one from making such a judgment. So, what do you do at times that you are aggressive?

I guess I need one too. :joy:

How did you achieve this? any special practice or just over course of time you mastered it?

The best way is to remind yourself that you are impatient each time you feel like you need to do something.

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We are in the same boat buddy.
I guess the sense of greed is in human’s nature.
Wants more and more.

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I ain’t patient to the degree I wish I was patient.
To my mind, patience is something that is either given to us by nature, or something that you must work on for a very long period.
I had several cases when I was manually closing deals because of impatience, but also, in situations, fear also may play its role. But I did it because I was impatient to get profits. And what you think? Yeah, the price continued rising high and high, after I was closing deals, until the trend’s over…

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I’d like to reply to this thread, patience is a very important quality in trading and I’m happy to have as much as I need.
But it’s lunch-time and if you think I’ve got time to sit here like a numpty you’ve got another thing coming, I’ve got to get on with it…
Can’t stop,must go…


We could all learn to be more patient in trading. The thing about being deficient in any skill/mindset/virtue is that the fix is never just the flip of a switch. There’s no trick you can use once to fix the problem. It will take time and consistent effort. I’ll use an example here and then give a suggestion for what I would try and will be employing myself.

Comfort zone. We all have things we are comfortable doing, and then there are the things outside of our comfort zone we would like to do, but are too scared to try. This is where the idea of expanding your comfort zone comes from. Instead of going all the way on a scary new thing, just do something a little outside your comfort zone. Over time this expands your comfort zone and you can do the bigger stuff.

So try this with patience in your trading. When you open your trade, make sure you set your stop and your take profit. When you feel you are getting to the point you can’t stay in the position any longer because you are getting impatient, set a 1 min timer. At the end of that timer you’re allowed to close the trade. Next time set a 1.5 min timer, then a 2 min timer, etc. Slowly you will be expanding your patience.

You can do this from the other side. If you aren’t in the market, but desperately want to be, even though your signal hasn’t hit, when it’s almost unbearable and you’re about to hit that buy/sell button, set the 1 min timer and don’t allow yourself to go into the trade until the timer is up. Again, expand that timer.

You may stick at each level for many trades or days. You may choose to use the 1 min timer for 10, 20, 100 trades or 3, 4, 30 days before moving to the longer timer. You don’t have to wait until you feel comfortable, but rather wait until you feel the next timer will be barely bearable.

Greed seems to be humanity’s not-so-secret superpower. Always reaching for more like it’s the last slice of pizza at a party!

Absolutely, patience is key in trading, but I’m not about to let my sandwich go cold just for a chart! :sweat_smile:

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Well, there are various reasons leading to one being impatient; factors such as Time Pressure, Personality,Stress, etc. by the time you find yours, you’ll figure out how to deal with it.

Actually That is wise. I liked it.

Thank you @Lee-me
Well, unique problems need unique solutions.

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