Are you ready for the next 6-15 months?

Agree! :open_mouth: This is also why I’ve been trying to trade more often recently than I used to in the past years. :frowning: Forex just might be one of the best sources of income during times like these. :open_mouth:

I’m interested to know more about the strategies you mentioned though! :open_mouth: What would you consider to be “recession-proof”? :thinking: I am using just an MA strategy for my trades. :open_mouth:

Yes, a strategy that can go long/short according to the market conditions has to be a winner in forex. Eventually in the stock market this fails because if prices fall very heavily, so does liquidity. So its good in theory to short a falling stock but eventually the spreads and illiquidity catch up with that tactic. Stock prices can go to zero.

I am basically a trend-follower but the break-out strategies are trend-neutral. But as long as there is good volatility on the markets, GBP/JPY will make frequent big moves per day and GBP/USD will rocket out of its London opening range.

Both have reputations for volatility. Some good traders won’t touch GBP/USD. GBP/JPY is known as the Dragon - its easy to get burnt by a dragon.


Okay! :open_mouth: With this consideration, I think my current strategy should be good. :pray:

Just a quick glance at the charts and I already can see why. :open_mouth: Lots of big moves for GBPUSD tons of pips bagged for traders who shorted. :open_mouth:

We have a second freezer in the utility room I’ve stocked up some food
Have a shed with extra toiletries and cleaning Products where if I see bargains 50% off I buy these and put them in the shed have been doing it the past 2 years

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Cases are down from January but of course it’s still around. Things are back to pretty much pre-covid times, except for the fact that masks are required in doctor offices and hospitals and they still take temperatures and ask about symptoms when you walk in the door. Otherwise, it’s uncommon to see people in masks in stores and events are all going on again. I live in the south though, so it’s possible that people may be more cautious in other states.

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Things are getting more weird in the UK.

The rule on face masks at the local vaccination centre has recently been dropped. So neither staff nor patients have to wear a face mask: they can if they want. But the volunteers at the centre now must take a lateral flow test before they report for duty: this was not required before.

So it seems like one step forward, two steps back.


Good for youuu! :open_mouth: At least you’ve already started preparing years ago. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve done the same. :sweat_smile: But maintaining a freezer costs a lot too. :confused:

I have friends who have also said that it’s pretty much back to normal there! :open_mouth: That’s great, but it really does help to still be careful. :pray: I asked cause cases in my country are on the rise again so I assumed it’s a trend around the world. Guess no. :sweat_smile:

Hmmmm. :thinking: That really is a bit odd. :open_mouth: Weird that they only implement it for volunteers. I wonder what’s the reasoning behind it.

Well it may have been required for employed staff before now but I don’t know, I’m not staff. But it definitely is required now for volunteers, and it wasn’t before. Bear in mind that very very few volunteers actually get “hands-on” with patients.