At what rate

At what rate did the market close on friday ? (Usd/chf)
I have 2 screenshots that says 0.88240 But my trade at Oanda got stoped out 17 minutes after the market closed at 0,88306 how is this possible?

Oanda doesn’t “close”. Your trade could have been stopped out because of a market move after what you’re seeing as a close on other platforms or because of the standard weekend spread expansion, or a combination of the two.

But how come I only see this market move at Oanda? I can’t see it at FXCM or or Go markets, or cms Forex ? I know that the spread widens to 10 pips over the weekends, but I find it kind of strange that the market moves exactly to 0.88257 so my position get stoped by 0,1 pips and I only can see this market move on Oanda.

Because Oanda trades over the weekend while the others don’t. Can’t get a fill on FXCM, etc. at 6pm on Friday, for example, if they don’t actually trade then.