Attending Trading Classes

I see that there is a trader conference taking place soon in Barcelona that is sponsored by Does anyone know anything about this?
The Speakers look interesting and even I recognise the names of a couple of them.

Whilst I don’t live in Spain, it’s not that far from the UK and I’m half tempted to go. Does anyone have any comments about how useful this may or may not be for a Newbie. Do I go long and book the flights, or do I go short and put the money into my trading account?


I believe if you’ve been thru “school” here, then you should use half the money you would have used for the trip to Spain for trading instead. But that’s just me. You might want to go and enjoy the “show” out there.

I think that once you have real trading experience, and get the real feel of trading or financial speculation, and continue to do your internet research, the next time there’s such a show you’ll be better equipped to get the most out of these events that happen regularly all around the world.

If you’ve been thru school and have some sort of idea and messed around for a couple weeks with a demo system, then take the plunge

gd luck


I went to a conference on forex trading here in Las Vegas. I did a little review on it. Before you go to the one in Spain, you may want to read my thread. True, there will probably be some differences, but there will be some similarities as well.

I doubt it will make or break your decision to go, however, it may give you an idea as to what to expect.

Also remember, this was free for me to get in. I just had to pay for the gas for me to get there and my food for lunch.

Thanks guys! I have decided to gain more experience before rushing around attending conferences. I like the sound of the Las Vegas conference so that might be a worthwhile future trip.
In the meantime, I have discovered a site that has one of those conference facilities like gotomeeting so you can watch trading and chart analysis etc.
It’s inexpensive and has good reviews so Ill use that to enhance my learning curve for now.