Automated Trading System on TRUMP Symbol

Hello guys,

I want to share my new system based on the TRUMP symbol.
Please write your comments and feedback, to improve the results of strategy.
Feel free to download and test it.

Platform: Metatrader 4
Minimum Deposit: $100.00 for cent account
Symbol: TRUMP
Time Frame: H1

\MQL4\Experts\Trump_EA v1.12.mq4

How can I share my EA here?

The EA is already starting to make a profit,

Which broker is offering this TRUMP symbol and on what is it based???

I’m trading at Dubaifxm, but I also found these symbols on

Doing an internet search to find out, “What is the Trump trading signal?”, I came across this –

Unfortunately, Trump signal is disabled and unavailable

Here’s the webpage – Copy trades of the Trump trading signal for MetaTrader 4

I’m sure the OP will be impressed.

To be honest when I first saw this thread I thought it was a joke and somebody adding a bit of humor. That was until I saw the MT4 screenshot of course. Matter of fact: I thought this was another of thos e-Toro concoctions!!! LOL!!!

Now, and after seeing the screenshot, and now knowing that the broker is in Dubai: I’ve a feeling that these symbols are made available due to religious restrictions on trading other instruments. In other words (and assuming I’m right) it’s not a joke at all.

It did have me trying to look this symbol up the other day though for the sake of interest and to see what on earth this was. I didn’t find anything regarding MT4 or a particular broker at the time. But interestingly enough there is a TRUMP INDEX would you believe!!!

EA monitoring,