Automatic buy/sell if all indicators say "go!"

is there a way to put in an order for a buy or sell if all indicators give the signal? I am guessing there is but I just wanted to know if anyone does this. It’s hard for me to really trade in the day and test indicators for these signals. I would ideally like to do this so i can determine if my methods are good or not

There are definitely ways to trade automatically. Most of them, though, require some programming skill in one fashion or another. Oanda has an API you can use (at a cost unless you do enough volume). There are others that are less intense than that, but you would need to be able to code in your rules using whatever “language” the platform requires. I don’t personally trade automatically (yet), but I’m sure others here could speak to specific platforms available for doing so.

In VT Trader, you can do it using Trading Systems to auto trade & test your strategy. You would need to learn some programming skills but not too bad since you will only be using a scripting language.

ok, thank you guys

And there’s always the ole’ MetaTrader 4 platform (MT4). You can find scripts to run automatic trades on MT4 all over the Internet. However, I wouldn’t advise using your first ones on a live account. That could prove to be a disaster!

yeah, that’s what i use is MT4-
but I can’t figure if i have to know program language to do this…
I was trying to look into this and it’s a little over my head, actually a lot of my head, and i can’t figure it out…very frustrating…
thx though…

Here is the site I use to aquire custom Expert Advisors & Indicators. You might find the system you are looking for. Just subscribe to the site (FREE) and search to your hearts content. I do everyday :slight_smile:

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thank you again!