Aware of FPMarkets. They do not let me withdraw

as i have stated several times in this forum, i am a software engineer with 38 years of experience and that my preferred programming language is C, and that i have been writing C code since 1991 and i have been writing metatrader code since 2005…

…having said that, i welcome you to show to me a metatrader bot that can pull off a straight arbitrage or a legitimate arbitrage of any kind.

I can’t show you that. Its just an example of a trading style often described as illicit within brokers’ T&C’s.

that is what i expected, which means that there is no way that he even did such a thing.

my suspicion is that he is not telling the whole story and that his story is probably fabricated.

a broker that is regulated thru ASIC is not gonna pull some stuff like just cancelling his account and refusing to withdraw his funds.

the OP’s story doesnt wash.

I have no idea whether its possible to use arbitrage to make money or not. But I do know that brokers will quote arbitrage in their T&C’s as an illicit form of trading. So I suppose at least they believe it is possible, else why would they bother to ban it?

There must surely be more behind the story than we are so far told.

My account is under Saint Vincent and Grenadines regulation, and that is why they dare to do it. If my account would have been under ASIC they will never do it. I thought I will never have such issues with them, but I was wrong.

I was trading with them for 6 month. NO Arbitrage, nothing which is against their rules, all my trading was identical, but still they returned only part of it and simply do not want to give me the whole amount. If there is any king of misconduct of their services client should be informed right after the misconduct took place, not after the withdrawal request. They just kept my account in Bbook, and the expected me to loose, simple as that.

This is nonsense, I did not violated any of their rules. My account was closed only upon withdrawal request, they simply do not want to give me profits.

My account is not under ASIC. I have all the trading history saved and I can show it to anyone who wants.

oh my, no kidding… you should read my recent posts in the thread about escaping the cftc… i found a broker ( that is in that location… the grenadines… and there is a whole nest of scammer brokers. at the same building…

(Going offshore to escape the CFTC)

If you feel that you do not know full story DO NOT, tell that this story is fabricated. I have all the proofs.

under this regulation, they are performing as a bunch of scammers, but I will fight with then till the end. Company who values it reputation for less than 2.6K should not operate at all, and must simply deemed as scam.

and likewise, is it really worth it for you to fight them and whatever over 2.6k?

you do what you want, but you got ripped off by people that are professional thieves and they dont care if you fight or not.

You’re right to want to fight them. What are you going to do?

Are they withholding profits or deposited funds?

Thank you very much! I have also informed them about my posts which I made on other websites. Hope this is going to help.

they dont care what you do… there are two thousand suckers born every minute… you wont affect their bottom line not by one drop…

i promise you.

here is the reality of this situation(as i now see it)…

you made a foolish decision to go with one of these offshore ponzi exit-scam pyramid schemes and you lost…

forget about it and move on with your life and try not to make the same mistake again.

it is just that simple.

best wishes.

Unfortunately I cannot simply accept this fact, at least others will know who they really are. Lets see what happens…

It is not about 2.6K, it is just about the fact that they did it to me, and if they do it to hundreds of people and all of them bend their heads, it is not surprising that they are doing it and will do it again.

i can appreciate that, but the only thing you will accomplish is that you will spend many days in this same frustration when you could just let it go and enjoy your life.

you will not hurt this company in any way and you will not save anybody from falling prey to their corrupt business practices.

think about it.

I understand, that my efforts are just the drop in the ocean, but I cannot leave it as it is, it simply is against my personality…

well then, do your worst.

keep me posted.