Aware of FPMarkets. They do not let me withdraw

Unfortunately I cannot simply accept this fact, at least others will know who they really are. Lets see what happens…

It is not about 2.6K, it is just about the fact that they did it to me, and if they do it to hundreds of people and all of them bend their heads, it is not surprising that they are doing it and will do it again.

i can appreciate that, but the only thing you will accomplish is that you will spend many days in this same frustration when you could just let it go and enjoy your life.

you will not hurt this company in any way and you will not save anybody from falling prey to their corrupt business practices.

think about it.

I understand, that my efforts are just the drop in the ocean, but I cannot leave it as it is, it simply is against my personality…

well then, do your worst.

keep me posted.