Who wants to be the first person on Babypips to say something off-topic??

Seen any good (or bad ::cough:: Star Trek) movies lately?
How’s the weather where you live?
How about those <insert local sports team here>?

OK, I will start.

Today we had our first decent rains here.
A good pour down - and we really need it.

I have been trying to help some of our indigenous people free themselves of their glue sniffing problems.
They can be good company but eventually they go off completely because of the emotional instability.

I am having no success.

All they want to do is sniff!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :eek: :frowning:

I am beginning to think the only cure is a medication pill that makes them immune to the smell of toluene.

Somedays I wish I could manage my life as I do a trade.

Pity there aren’t any trend-lines to draw in a marriage.

Or a Fibonacci retracement for the workplace.

And how the heck do I figure out where to place the stop loss on friendships?

Did the Aborigines get the same type of treatment in Australia that the Native Americans got here in the States?

Over here the European settlers stole there land, exploited them, and forcibly relocated the ones they didn’t kill to reservations out in the middle of the desert.

I imagine it was probably a similar story over there…

All I know is that there are definite areas of support and resistance in my marriage. :smiley:


(Factoid: 1.6 miles per second = 5,760 miles per hour.)


I actually really enjoyed Star Trek.

Much better than previous series and movies. The big flaw of Star Trek in my opinion has always been it’s clinical cleanliness if you get what I mean. No blood, no poverty and so on.

This movie was dirtier, sweatier. More realistic and more alive.

I’m not a crazy fan, so I don’t care if they got some detail wrong. I liked it and I hope this may revive the phenomenon which has been dying slowly since The Next Generation ended. All I can say is: Jean-Luc!

[B]Awesome! [/B]
the SR-71 and the video production!
thanks for sharing it

Yes, absolutely wonderful.

Thanks Clint

I usually agree with you on forex matters, so now we finally have something to disagree about! :slight_smile:

The no blood, no poverty aspect is what defines Star Trek. It’s a more optimistic outlook for the future. Where would you rather live, the Star Trek universe, or the Star Wars universe? :slight_smile:

I am a crazy fan though… I’m the type of nerd that actually goes to those Star Trek Conventions. :smiley:

Any why in the world was the bridge all new and sparkly while engineering looked like a dilapidated oil refinery??

Also, you should post that Carrie Underwood parody video from your trading log in a new thread on this forum, so more people will see it. It’s hilarious!

Allow me to offer this link to Youtube:

YouTube - Before He Trades a Carrie Underwood Parody

Who said trading and MTV can’t mix? :wink:


In Tasmania they killed them all deliberately!! :eek:

The men were imprisoned and put to death.
The women raped.

The "stolen generation was then created - children slighly halfcast taken from their mothers, raised elsewhere, never to see their true parents again.

It is such an international disgrace that last year our Prime Minister gave a public national apology for the treatment of the Aboriginal race.

I personally find the Aboriginal people to be very loving and pure in heart.
I get on with them like a house on fire.

They understand this country better than anyone else and are truely adapted to it.

If I had to cross a desert on foot, I would not choose an African to guide me.
I would choose an Aboriginal.
They are without doubt, the worlds best desert crossers.

I looked at that U tube thing.

I switched it off half way.

Sorry, but it did not do a thing for me. :frowning:

Well I almost died laughing when I watched it. :slight_smile:

And my 7 year old son loved the “Before I Eat” video listed in the “Related Vidoes” box. He’s watching it for about 20th time on the other computer right now. Just don’t watch it if you hate infantile bathroom humor and really bad singing. :smiley:

Yeah, you’re right about the optimistic future view.

I’ve always interpreted Vulcans as the human ideal. But as we see in Star Trek their focus on logic and deeply buried emotions put them at a disadvantage to humans when truly creative and out of box thinking is needed.

Since humans are the same in Star Trek as they are today when emotions and rationality is concerned, it has always bothered me that their world should be so clean and good. I guess I just don’t believe that the world of men can ever become such a place as long as our cave men genes live inside us.

For my part I’d like to recommend Battlestar Galactica. Quite possibly the best series I’ve ever seen. That’s the kind of future (or past to spoil the plot) I imagine humans may be destined for.

Technology keeps pushing forward but human inner development lags behind. That’s my view although I hope to be proven wrong.

You rox! :smiley:

I agree.

But, I think Spock would be a GREAT forex trader!

Although I can’t recall seeing anything about it in Star Trek, I’m sure that all Vulcans have been banned from all casinos on Earth.

And most likely the NFA has passed an anti-Vulcan rule as well :smiley:

Thats good stuff lol

I just want to share…

Boots On

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: