Awkward but necessary

Hi All,
I’m PIPsapience and I’m new to Forex. I found this site by skimming through lots of YouTube videos and blog post. I’ve actually been causally interested in Forex trading for a while. I decided today to be committed to my goals and disciplined enough to sign up and start the course. I previously tried a well known company, but I didn’t learn anything. People told me what to do, but I didn’t know (understand) why I was making the transactions. I’m not the… I’m going to let the blind lead me type so I got out of it quick (Refund). So, here I am four months later and I’m ready.

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Good mindset. Start your proper education by pressing the green button above. Take it easy, one step at a time. best of luck.

Definitely the best place to start - good luck!

very mature mindset you have done , have a very good journey , happy trading . got so many fine lines from your post , appreciate all

To make money by forex trading, one needs good knowledge, experience and a mind that can control emotions. You need to learn it first. Go to education section of this website and start reading it.

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Trust me, it was a good step. There is no point of trading if you have no idea about what you are doing. I hope you know all the basics now and have practiced and studied forex trading very well. Just keep this positive attitude with you throughout.