Backtester needed

I am looking to back-test some systems over the weekend and I need a back-tester, what do you guys use?

btw I trade with mt4, so if any of you knows how to backtest it with mt4 please tell me


Hi i use Forex Tester and it is great with MT4 look
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Thanks for the reply certicex

I downloaded the software but it seems so complicated, I was looking for something that I can manually test

lets just say Im looking at the lest months 1hr chart so basically I want something that will not make the indicators calculate the candles that are in the “future” of the past that I am looking at, you know what i mean?? and then I could scroll the time and see what happens to my open position.

I just want to see my actual results not some computer generated ones, I do not trust them.

I dont know if anything like this exists but I heard about it, so far I ran into automated backtesters

How accurate is that software for you, certicex?? if its really accurate then I might try to figure it out and do my testing on it