Backtesting and Oanda

I’m new; so hi. On to my question. I have spent the past new months going through school and practice trading on Oanda. I have noticed that Oanda does not show much chart history and the history I download for MT4 is not consistent with the ticks provided by Oanda.

Can I download Oanda’s chart history without opening a real account? I would like to be able to see the 1 HR charts for the past year. Thanks

Oanda add weekend data on their charts, you can turn this off, what i tend to do it look at metatrader and just use oanda for the broker.


Oanda does not provide history. The data from different brokers will be different as there is no central market. MT4 will give you a reasonable amount of history depending on your timeframe of interest

GFT has a boat load of historical price information

or simply goto Forex Data Feeds | Live & Historical

I do the same. Charting is much easier and custom indicators make MT4 robust. Oanda’s platform and spreads make it a trader’s friend =)