Bad trading days

Hey guys. Is there a day(s) when the market just won’t follow your trading strategy and it just seems to be out to get you no matter how careful you plan your trade(s)? Do you guys experience such days? If yes, 1: roughly how many of your trading days are like this? 2: how do you deal with such days?

Hi, did you backtested your strategy? Regards Greg

Yes. For some time now. I don’t know where the problem is even after reviewing the trades. To put things into perspective. On monday the market was just fine. It followed my analysis, my strategy,etc… but then on tuesday and wednesday the market was just crazy towards my trades. Even the trades that i won seemed like i did so out of sheer luck. It’s as if the market just decided to work against my strategy on this two days. Come today however, the market was behaving normally and my strategy seemed to work again. I lost one trade but when I analysed it I could identify where the problem was (unlike the previous 2 days)…

Been an odd couple of weeks. I get that it is hard not to but try not to think of the market being out to get you. The amrket does what it wants every day but you are just trying to find an edge that means you attempt to stack the odds in your favour. Two consecutive days isn’t so bad. Sometimes you might get whole weeks like that.

Whole weeks? :ok_man:t5: I really hope not​:smile:

Yeah it can happen. Sometimes winning is realising it’s not happening for you and giving it a break.

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You need to label the conditions of why the market are working against your strategy. Lower volatility are usually the culprit. Is it the following causes,

  1. consolidation phase
  2. retracement phase
  3. reversal in trend

WHEN does your strategy thrives?

A big Yes for me.
there are some days, I just can’t understand why !!!

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