Bad week for cryptos - how you all feeling about your holdings

So looking at the price charts, all the big dogs and even little dogs are down across the board 15-30% in the past week. Struggling!

Has your mental fortitude been stretched to the point of cashing out, or are you handling the present situation well? I’m holding long term, so I see this as a bump in the road. What about you?

In, or out?

I think you might find this thread enlightening when looking to make that decision

Perhaps I can sell you a tulip ? :relaxed:

I try to refrain from checking it frequently. The struggle is real but like you, I’m hodling long term.

Oh yea, I’ve been following along. Thanks!

Holding. I try not to check a lot lol. But just as I’m replying to this thread, I just checked. :joy: