Basel 3 Gold and the Dollar

I often hear many discussing the great reset. I personally believe much of that is a conspiracy theory, taken from one single speech at Davos.

Meanwhile, in the background, the Basel 3 bank regulations, China gold accumulation, and ongoing debasement of the dollar are all potentially leading to the perfect storm for Uncle Buck and Gold - and are going to be a real great reset that catches many unaware.

Could the story below explain what is likely to the biggest event for FX traders since the closing of the gold window?

As a trader of gold since the early 2000s I have kept up to date with the debate regarding the day the physical gold market will trump the paper.

It’s quite possible that day is going to arrive sooner rather than later. This article makes for very sober reading if you hold dollars, earn dollars, or are generally a bull on the USA.

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I’ve been waiting for the great reset since 1989, but I am a patient type. I do not hold USD (other than as a proxy short term for crypto holdings), I do hold gold (and its volatile cousin silver), no stock, no bonds. Oh, and real property (leveraged). For the past year we have been slowly selling gold and slowly buying crypto. That journey is now almost balanced. All this is really for insurance. If none of these conspiracies happen, all of these protection will have cost me less than 10% of everything I ever earned. If just one of them happens, I will retire comfortably. Either way, I am happy or happier. :rofl:

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Its actually quite interesting the lack of interest for this post.

If I’d been discussing five min bar charts it would likely be a popular thread. But most new traders probably have little idea about Basel 3 regulations.

Or the steady accumulation of physical gold by China.

But even for me - a short term swing trader - this is possibly immense. What is happening in gold is a structural change in the gold market - with many bullion banks going quit the OTC market in London - let’s just say the trend is likely to be up for the foreseeable (to say the least).

And even the scalpers, are likely to make a few quid - if they don’t go short that is.