Beginners guide to FX

Hello everyone.
I hope everyone has had a great trading week.
I just thought I’d open this topic up to help with any tips and advice for the novice trader (myself included) and for anyone to share anything they would like to that might help beginner traders.

Feel free give your individual thoughts and opinions on anything forex related, they will be much appreciated. Thanks :v:t3:

Firstly, for any new or even experienced traders looking for a reliable broker to facilitate their trading, any of the top brokers mentioned by numerous websites are usually a good place to start, and I recommend opening a demo with them first to test out their platforms, before committing to them.

But if you’d like a recommendation, I personally use and trust Exness broker. They have a nice platform, good leverage and are easy to navigate.

Happy trading :v:t3:

Beginners start trading with a Demo Account.

An chance to simulate a live trading environment without having to risk any real money is provided by a Forex demo account. It enables traders to start free online trading relatively fast so they can practice trading before risking real money.

All Forex traders should use a Forex demo as their original Forex account to get a feel for trading the currency market as well as to get used to their broker and trading software. In essence, it offers a variety of other alluring benefits while giving dealers the opportunity to sharpen their skills.

I suggest that everyone open a demo account with CapitalXtend since they offer Standard, Pro-Ecn, ECN, and Platinum accounts in both demo and live versions, making them the best option for trying out different trading strategies and gaining experience in real-world trading settings.