Belkhayate system

Hi CryAgony… where can i get the market flow indicator…?

Since this old thread’s been bumped, today, I’ll take the opportunity to mention that that was also [U]exactly[/U] the experience of a friend of mine (a former institutional trader from [I]Crédit Agricole[/I]) who tested this system out for 6 months on a demo account: it was a pretty-much unremitting story of losses. Proceed only with [B]great[/B] caution! :31:

Anyone still using the Belkhayate system as described here with success?

I tried mbfx in recent 2 weeks. H1, H4, D1 on most pairs. I read pdf and info on this thread several times and I burnt 3 demo accounts (200 USD, 1:500, 0.01 lots). First day I had almost 100% wins, however in other days 70-80% of trades ended in losses. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

@CryAgony how do you determine trend on lower tf for confirmation? Lets say on H1 price is in green zone, Timing indicator changed color, then you go to M15 and look at trend. It means you look at price position according to blue line (over/under)? Or you look at COG ‘canal’ if it goes up/down? Could you clarify? Thank you :slight_smile:

So it seems nobody is using it anymore? :slight_smile:

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Hi, can your kindly share your mbfx version with the 1,2,3 scalping dots I try it out, thanks in advance.

Hi, can your kindly share your mbfx system I try it out, thanks in advance.

Thank you very much for sharing this indicator. Much appreciated.

my MBFX lines went away after the new year started. The timing indicator still works but not the lines to indicate entries and Tps. I will upload a photombfx

hey, I uploaded the indicators to my MT4 but the COG didn’t show up.
and can you please share the course with us I understand a little bit of french
thanks a lot

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Great. Thank you very much for sharing it.

Hi. yes me too. there is a problem in MBFX System.ex4 file.

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for your efforts, but I put the indicators on the chart and the two that are below at noon for me, but the center of the third on the chart did not appear and I went back, but there is no use. What is the problem? please reply

Not able to install Indicator

Not able to install please help me

Unable to install please help me

Hi,where can I get this circle indicator with numbers? Please help,… I’ve been searching a lot for this but still can’t find that indicator …thank you please send