Best and the Worst

A good weeks trading, mind in the right place, and I’ve now cut my trading week down, only trade now Monday night to Thursday afternoon, Friday had become discretionary only taking a position if they present a quick win and only on 4 hour charts.
This also limits my exposure to opening Asian markets on Sunday nights and any volatile swings.
Overall to this point in the month 66.6% success rate.
Best trade the Aussie and worst trade involved the Aussie.
Best trade of the week GBP/AUD
Worst trade of the week EUR/ AUD
Trade still in play silver long , took this trade earlier in the week, been doing nothing, not sure what it’s doing, may be break even position eventually.
Trade well everybody.

Why u think day of week matters


I follow silver and am invested in it (very long term). If it is not too much trouble would you mind explaining the rationale behind the silver trade and your R objective? Long or short, risk $/oz or whatever parameter and TP objective, please?

Great results by the way. Congrats.

My personal choice, any news that filters in on a Mondays allows me to assess the fundamentals, plus it gives me an extra few hours not trading.
Found that my worst trades were happening on Fridays and affecting my trading.
Better volatility Tuesday to Thursday.

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I took it on a 4 hour chart, it was a vector average change and showing the trade long with the trend.
open 27.100, put my stop at 26.393, looking to take 70 pips profit.
Closed it out today took about 9.5 pips out of it, wasn’t doing anything for me and see more profitable trades coming up, one could be copper long.

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Thats how backtest look like when u try to find best days of the week to trade

I like to observe such statistics, because it is a clear demonstration that in our business anything is possible, the main thing is that you are ready to develop yourself, move forward and cope with any difficulties!

  1. Excellent work.
  2. Good profit.
  3. Analysis of results.
    In my opinion, this is exactly what we need. You are a real trader.

I have also invested in silver. I want to know why you think that it hasn’t been doing anything. It is so confusing now. Is it anything to do with the undervalued gold?

That depends on your timeframe. I am also invested in gold and silver (since 1988), and I am more than satisfied with its performance relative to other investments. I have never looked at it as an investment - more of an insurance policy. Yet with a planned allocation of 5% to 10%, our position is now heavily overweight, so we SHOULD be repositioning. But I have resisted the habit of 30 years so far - call it being lazy, or intuition. I don’t know. A recent example - we last bought silver heavily around 2013, as it was falling from its 2011 peak. At one stage we had around a 35% loss. But recently it is about a 85% gain. It is all about timeframe. And even a broken clock tells the right time twice per day. I am unsure I would trade gold and silver (though I did a gold trade three months ago and took a 12% short profit). That was luck, not good management. A gut feeling outside of my trading plan - a one off.