Best Automated Trading Forex Robot

Hello, is anyone using AI from Eaconomy ? Thank you

Kindly share web address, so that we can try EA

yes check PM

Which one is this?

there are so many EA’s out there and people building them daily. none have lasted the test of time yet but it will not be long as they are getting better. i am using a few but all need some form of management

You can use this Ea attached below. I’ve been using it for sometime and getting good results. It works best on 5 minutes timeframe and usdchf currencyAsian Pips Hunter EA30.ex4 (51.4 KB)

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I have had a lot of success and very happy with an EA, but it needs a large deposit of a minimum of $1000. It opens trades with Buy and Sell baskets.
So it makes money both ways. Buy and Sells. It sometimes gets into a large draw down, but always turns around and makes good profits. This is why it needs a large deposit. I have been using it for about 8 months now and very happy with the results.

What’s the website please?

I’m using a long term investment EA that is by far the most advanced software I’ve seen anyone using.

It trades 27 different pairs at the same time and dynamically monitors how each trade is doing.

I can send you a message about it if you’d like?

Is your strategy coded
Is it an ea

Im interested in your es

How so? You selling?

Mine is a coded software system, yes.
But I don’t own it and I don’t have access to the actual program files.

I am not because it’s just a software I use. Not one I own. It’s way more advanced than anything I could program right now.

As for how, it’s just a much more dynamic system than any of the other EA’s I’ve seen being used.
It also uses market sentiment as a main indicator of market trend.

Where do you bought it,
You are using it, it is not yours
Can I buy it or lease it

So you’re paying and you want others to pay? How much a month? C’mon, you have to give us more than “It’s the best software in the world” line…

Can you let me know ?

Can you kindly let me know ?

Can you share that ?

What kind of software you use?