Best broker for a begginer

The forex broker that i use only need at least $5 to deposit and starting trading.


I still prefer Forexchief to Oanda. It is easier to deposit and withdraw your funds.

Good advise, and there are other review sites that give good information on brokers. You look for these and make a choice, because choosing a broker is an important stage in the market.
Or you can simply narrow your search to the ones recommended on this thread, especially the ones Vanpeters mentioned.

In order to me, the best broker for beginners always ensure security of funds including comfortable trading spreads , but generally beginners cant trade top rating brokers , because their minimum deposit and spreads too high to trade.

not agree mate , so many top brokers are available in online which has micro account for the traders who are above all beginners , but of course some brokers initial deposit too high , for that reason newcomers fall a great trouble when choosing a broker.

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I would suggest to try a few brokers and in demo then you can get a feel for the ones you like, I have used IC Markets, Hugosway, JAFX

So the previous person to ask about this broker is named “hollyholly141”.

Your name is “Molly141”

Holly and Molly.


Do you represent Hugosway?

Please stop trying to recommend an unregulated broker to beginners. It’s not safe.

I’m not sure I get this? I’m new to forums so may seem a bit stupid I’m just here to learn

before using this broker , have you checked PFA to see their real performance?

Try different ones to see which you prefer, my favourites are probably Oanda or Hugosway but there are many out there.

Try ‘‘Demo-ing’’ on Profiforex demo account, it does not expire and have same trading conditions as the real account. After a confident trial and practices , you can then decide which broker will suit you best.

Gerry.Rex which is?

They’ve REPEATEDLY conned clients and even regulatory bodies. FXCM being kicked out of and banned from the US market should tell you all you need to know about this broker.

Not necessarily. My approach has been to spend as little money as possible LEARNING to trade forex and as we all know, you will be learning for a LONG time. So what I’ve done over the years is, I’ve scoured the net searching for no-deposit bonuses. What this means is that a large portion of the money I lost since I’ve started trading did not come out of my own pocket and during that time I’ve also acquainted myself with and tested a fair number of brokers’ platforms in a live environment without spending a penny.

From my experience the most reliable and transparent of these class of brokers is I’ve been trading with them for years and I’m also encouraging my sister to register with them as they are currently offering a 30USD no-deposit bonus. With xm you get free money plus you can trade as few as 10 units of a currency. Perfect for learning, testing and developing strategies in a live environment with effectively zero cost.

Disclosure: The above is an affilliate link. When you sign up via this link both you and I receive lot rebates which we would not receive otherwise . It’s a win-win in other words and trust me when I say, those lot rebates do come in very handy…

For a beginner, any broker is suitable. Let’s tell the truth - a novice will lose money in any company. Good or bad, a novice will lose money. Therefore, I believe that a beginner needs to start in companies that give bonuses. So he can save his money.

I wouldn’t say that any broker is suitable - some brokers have minimal deposit requirements (which can be quite large), others have large spreads, others have server connection issues, others have customer support problems, and so on, and so forth. It matters, even if you are a newbie, whether you work with a company like that or a company without any of these issues.
And, of course, then there are the actual scammers.

Trading conditions matter to an experienced trader. Yes. It is good when a beginner trades in a company with good trading conditions. But he will lose money anyway. In a company where conditions are worse, he has the opportunity to receive a bonus, and save his money. Good brokers usually do not give bonuses.

generally traders like to believe , regulated trading brokers are always safe and sounds than others . but in practically this believe how much practical ?what you think about this?

If you are not confident with the entry and exit, choose a broker with a cent account such as, . cents are not good overall

For all newbie, its better to start forex trading career with such broker offered finest guide and excellent Customer support service. That’s why I started my trading career with one of the best Forex broker They offered finest demo account with sufficient educational as well as market blogs for beginners.

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