Best broker, I need any tips aswell

I live in the US and im looking to day trade gold but every broker is giving me troubles and im sick of it. all the apps these youtubers are telling me to download dont work, there is just road block after road block. Any, and i mean ANY tips would help, even ones that you dont think would help

I’m also from the US and had some trouble getting started. Are you looking for a broker that will allow you to sign up without any issues? What brokers have you had troubles with so far? Also, be careful which Youtubers you listen to because there have been a lot of scams going on lately. Be sure to research any broker or app before using it to make sure it isn’t a scam.

What type of platforms have you been using? Seems odd, I have never had an issue signing up or getting started with any broker. Some more work than others, but certainly no ‘road blocks’…
I’m a big fan of MT4, simple to use and all I need to make trades

Hellooo! :frowning: I’m sorry you’ve been having so much troubles with brokers. :open_mouth: I think it would be great if you could give us more information about your experiences so far so that we can recommend something you haven’t tried yet? :thinking: I pretty much agree with the questions from Smith and Heaven so we can give you other suggestions! :blush: But here are also a couple of threads with some of the best broker recommendations. :slight_smile:

the best broker is a broker which never restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging.

I’m sorry to hear that but can you tell exactly what kind of issues you are facing? Is it during account opening and what apps are you trying to download? If you want to do cfd trading, you can try Turnkeyforex, they offer good trading conditions.

This is true, but don’t forget to mention regulation. It is very important to trade with a broker that is regulated and licensed if possible. Other features to watch for are; platform, speed of execution, commissions, means of funding and withdrawal. Especially Funding, it is very important your broker make things easy for you in this regard. This is something I appreciate about Forexchief, so many options to choose from with no charges whatsoever.

I think that’s a great thing you are doing to find the best broker for yourself. You are better off when you do your own research rather than making a choice on the basis of what others tell you about.

I can understand that the US people have a hard time finding reliable brokers as not many brokers accept US clients.

when choosing a right broker should focus on their reviews in online. for that reason i like FPA most

If you could tell us more about what exact issues you have been facing, we would be able to help you better. Specific issues have specific solutions and you better don’t restrict your choices. Feel free to ask for help.

then whhere is the best broker ?

I’d recommend turnkey forex and eaglefx for trading in the US.