Best Brokers in UK?

Hello there, a complete Forex beginner here! :blush:

Please would you be able to recommend good brokers in UK? Of course, I’m firstly interested in a user friendly demo account.
I realise most of you are US residents but asking this on the off chance that someone has gone through the process in UK. All good advise much appreciated! :sunny:

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I use Tickmill UK, and you can read my review of them here.

Even if you prefer some other broker, do consider the steps I went through with Tickmill UK to be basic ‘due dilligence’ for any broker.

Thank you Drekieyja!:slight_smile:

Yeah one of the most popular is IG, Tickmill and Hotforex, old but tested by time, raise no security or trust concerns.

You should learn to choose a broker by yourself. Look on the forums which points should you pay attention to when you choose. You won’t ask for an advice on the forum everytime you choose a new broker, will you?