Best Charting packages

Hello, I am a forex trader from Asian Country where forex is not very familiar. I have been trading forex for more than one year with demo and live. I did not make any profit from my total investment yet but I will not let it go like that. One day I will start making profit from forex. I have been education myself for the past 8 months and I see that my trading perforamance is improving day by day. I have done lots of good trades during the past months but its less than the total loss.

Today I am very happy since I found this Great website where people can help each other and share their trading experience.

I would like to ask you what is the best charting package available.??? It doesnt matter whether it is free or paid.

Waiting for a reply . I need more feedback. In my experience a good charting package can help to make a profit from forex.


Thats a very big ask.

Go into some more detail as to what you require, then we will be better able to answer your question.

Thanks tymen1

The charting should provide live data feed , EMA, SMA, RSI, different time periods, major currency pairs. Should be easy to load, easy to use, zoom in zoom out, able to draw trend lines vertically and horizontally. More features much better. Any recommendation ???

Thanks again