Best commission structure?

Hi all, want to know about your favored commission structure. Do you prefer if it’s charged separately, or if it’s included in the spread charges? I wanted to be sorted with a decision. Your thoughts please.

Hmmmm. :thinking: Personally, since I trade small amounts, I prefer spreads. :thinking: Might also depend on what kind of trading you plan to do? Are you more into long-term or short-term trading? But it’s also interesting to see what other people have to say about this. :open_mouth:

I think there is depending on, what broker you use. If you have an account in ECN broker (or planning to open), you will not create strategies for market maker.

@ria_rose I intend to trade both long term and short. I want to open a trade for long term and in the meantime if an opportunity in that trend shows up I don’t mind scalping too.

Better to go with a broker that charges a commission separately, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about or calculate the commission and spread for each trade.

Frankly speaking, for me it does not matter at all, the main thing is that everything corresponds to certain rules and I did not face any unpleasant surprises. This is all that I want.

Here you need to select depending on two parameters:

  • your work preferences;
  • features of the brokerage company offer.

Yes I believe the features of the broker ought to be comprehensive. Just a stand alone “commission structure” cannot be a deciding factor when choosing a broker. Spreads, trade size, executions, all are equally important to be looked at.

While it’s true that commission alone cannot be the only deciding factor, I believe that OP has asked this to use it as an added filter while selecting a broker.

You are right, commission is just one of the many factors that I’m looking at.

Trading has never been easy for me. But I was always determined to take advantage of the market after seeing a lot of people making money in the market. I left no stone unturned and have been making decent profits in the market.