Best currency pair

Is GBP/NZD good pair for trade,

Its as good for conventional TA as any other pair but I have to pay for wider spreads for the Australian and NZ pairs so its not so economical as say GBP/USD or EUR/USD. Then again, cable and fibre often dither about for hours in the morning, any sign of a break-out gets squashed quickly it seems to me so the smaller currencies like NZD should not be ignored.

i want to know guys , what are you thinking , which is more appropriate is for scalping that brings profit in a short time.

scalping is a tough trading approach and without long experience it is difficult to make profit by this short term policy , by the way only most narrowest trading currency pair can be supportive for that ,

have you tried EUR/USD when scalping ?

It’s as good as any other pair, though not my first choice when it comes to trading. Why did you pick it?