Best EA ever

Hey, I was wondering if you’d be able to let me know the email or a way to contact them myself if possible? I’m looking on live testing this

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This one is a good one. Has been running for 3 Years on Auto Pilot with 2000+ trades with low drawdown of only 14% and good long term profit.

Look up on MQL5

So far so good… Thank you Pandapips!

Bear Vs Bull EA still running strong this year. A really good month in May 14.46% Growth. EA has been running 3 years and still has a low Drawdown

Seems nice. Lately it has been doing great though since September 2017 until December 2019 seemed to have given just about 38%…

The EA has returned 221% in a 3 year period on auto pilot with the same settings and has not been touched on a live verified account. It has only has a a drawdown of 14%. Having a consistent low drawdown long term is key to forex if you want to succeed.

It look ok but it is only 90% tick quality, you need to backtest with 99% which is more reliable. Also it has a relative drawdown of 80%…Way too high this has potential to wipe out your account after a big loss or 2… I also looked at your average profits in pips was only 2 pips per trade. Most of this profit will get eaten in commission and spread on real account…andwhen you see lot sizes going up from 7 - 38 Lots to gain just only 2 pips is definitely a martingale type system , very risky in my opinion

post your account on myfxbook, would be interesting to see

I might have a solution for everyone.we have worked on an Expert advisor for a while now, with 75% accuracy and very low draw down. This expert is able to trade Indices commodities and with 4 different time horizons.

Short term
Medium term
Long term

I would love to send links and let everyone test the accuracy of the signals however, i am new here and I’m not able to post links yet

Any questions? to maybe help so i can post links

looking good to start off but its only a demo account. Live account will act a lot differently. Some of the trades have a 300 pip SL? i would be cautious using this especially martingale type system. A few loosing trades and will wipe out your account before you know it

Bear Vs Bull results another good week

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From where can i get the PandaPips expert advisor?

Only if you buy it, there seems to be no other way

From their website…

I posted my results on myfxbook with the pandpapips ea: mt4-8168670

Thanks for all these great tips everyone :)!

Forex EA can be of great help if you choose them wisely. Some of the best EA I came across are Forex Enigma and Forex Flex which I found quite quick and efficient in making the right move.