*** Best Forex Broker and Trading Platform ? ***

Hi everyone,

just wanted to kind a feel for what is the best broker and trading platform for Forex? Make it short and sweet :slight_smile: I’m sure it will be an interesting topic.

If you are new to forex I’d recommend FXCMs TradeStation II. User friendly, very good charting.

How long have u been trading for? Do you use the above mentioned? Did you ancounter any problems as far as not bein able to withdraw money and etc like many people encounter on other sites?

Yes, I use FXCM. Been trading for a year. I haven’t withdrawn from my account though. They have great customer service (I use their chat for support) and one of their reps is a regular on this forum. The have their own sub-forum here.

Let me ask u this, do u know the exact reason why us residents get lower leverage like 50:1 while non us get about 200:1? How your trading experience going so far anyways ? :slight_smile:

Yes, new regulations from the Feds. 50:1 is all we get.

I’m still learning. Not rich yet. :slight_smile:

I have first downloaded forex.com
Demo acouny however i read a lot of ba reviews about em. Since then, ive been searching for good brokers/platforms. Have you researched enough when deciding to go with fxcm?

Ok, this is my last post. I just happened across FXCM when I began forex. Did not research others though I’ve tried demos from others since. I haven’t found a better broker for me.

Dukascopy, Oanda and Go Markets.

Research forex firms a bit more before giving them your money, there is a lot of fraud in forex. FXCM have been fined about $20 million, forex.com have been fined 500k and MF Global have just gone bankrupt and seem to be have using clients funds for their own trades which is against the law.

FinFx: seems to be a honest and real ecn broker. But their slippage is a bit…

Pepperstone: aussie broker, honest.

Dukascopy hands down,a long a you don’t want mt4 specifically

I use Oanda it has MT4 and Java. but to be honest i dont know why everyone loves MT4. Its horrible, the lag no matter your broker is so horrible, it will give you so much slippage its not worth it. to be honest i dont know how anyone is profitable with it. More specifically scalpers or intra day traders. I get slippage on lag from MT4 between 5-10 pips or it will say off quotes and i wont get my fill. I have had other people try from other countries and other brokers its the same problem. TO be perfectly honest I am just going to stick to my Java app for execution and just use MT4 for analysis. Even then it gaps when there are no gaps or lags then gives you a lot of ticks in one go. God its horrible. anyway enough of the rant. Java apps for execution and Oandas a reasonable broker.

I agree here. MT4 is great, but I tend to like JForex more, since I like Java.

For me,

Best Forex Broker: AVAFX
Trading Platform: mt4

For me,
Best Forex Broker: FXCM
Trading Platform: mt4

What about Thinkforex, Armada, Alpari UK, FXCM? Anyone used any of these live trading? I am looking at trying a broker that is not a bucket shop and market maker. There are too many shady forex brokers that say they are ECN but are not and they hunt your stop losses. Anyone(besides sly employees posting on forums) out there that’s really happy with their broker?

wow. A 50:1 leverage sounds harsh.

right when i first started trading i had 100:1 leverage and found this was not enough for me to trade full lot sizes ( I didnt have much money in my account compared with most people) so I increased my leverage to 200:1 to get round this.

in hindsight I probably should have left it at 100:1, but nethertheless it was nice to atleast have the option to change it. Glad I don’t live in the US…

How long did your account last?

thankfully It’s still here.

but I lost about half of it though before I really learned my lesson and started incorporating money management into my trading.

I’ve still got my 200:1 leverage, but I don’t go anywhere near to maximizing it when trading now.

Actually on second thoughts, maybe 50:1 leverage is a good thing. If I had been on 50:1 I might not have blown half of my account